Power equals fun when all components are coordinated with each other and power isn’t just there on the paper, but can be converted into traction in the long run as well. Power increase goes beyond simply upping the charging pressure: Coordination of various components in the engine and exhaust management in connection with chassis and wheel components is essential. Power, efficiency and longevity are features of our power stages.
Power increases in the electronic area require a lot of experience and good instincts. For this reason, we offer chip tuning with profits from renowned manufacturers as well as free programming of your vehicle’s control unit. Our experts adjust the injection volumes and times as well as the charging pressure specifically to your driving style. Of course, in particular longevity and fuel consumption are at the focus in parallel to power increase here.
In addition to electronic power increase, we offer mechanical optimisation of your engine components together with our industry-leading partners. Turbocharger or compressor conversion, forged pistons or piston rods: the additional power pays off on the race track and on the street alike.

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RFK Quality

We put the greatest value on the right choice of the best methods for your vehicle’s power increase. Together with our experienced partners, we offer optimal power increase – specifically for your driving style.

RFK Service

No one wants to spend a long time waiting for their new vehicle parts. Therefore, quick, timely and perfect execution of your power increase takes top priority for us. RFK combines quality with excellent service.

RFK Partners

We will gladly advise you in selecting the right power increase for your vehicle. Chip tuning, turbocharger or compressor conversion, or optimisation of your control unit – we will optimise your vehicle to your wishes.

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