We offer sound and power curves for your masterpiece. Exhaust systems not only vitally influence your vehicle’s sound, but also its power. Our choice suppliers offer a full sound with the engine power increase to match: Everyone can make noise. An exhaust system is a series of components (e.g. exhaust manifold, Y-branch pipe, catalyst, pre-, middle- and post-muffler, end tube). We will select all of these components carefully for your vehicle. The materials chosen for the system will also be adjusted specifically to your model. There need not be any limits to your imagination: Almost any imaginable acoustic and power-increasing change can be offered.

RFK Supplier

RFK Quality

We put the greatest value on the right choice of best materials for your vehicle’s exhaust system. Together with our experienced partners, we offer an optimal exhaust system for your racing car.

RFK Service

No one wants to spend a long time waiting for their new vehicle parts. Therefore, quick, timely and perfect execution of your refining order takes top priority for us. RFK combines quality with excellent service.

RFK Partners

We will gladly advise you in selecting a high-quality exhaust system made by one of our partners of many years. Of course, we will also produce dedicated, internally developed exhaust systems for you on request.